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Welcome to "Sakaida and Yashiro Laboratory"

- Micro-Macro Bridging in Material Strength Design and Evaluation Laboratory -

Our goal is established "Newly mechanics and techniques" that were bridging between Macro properties and Micro structures.

Approaches: We approach several problems by;

  1. Experimental methods: Mesuring Mchanical Properties, Fracture Strength, Fatigue Life, Fracture Toughness and Residual Stressess using conventional X-rays, neutron and synchrotron x-rays.
  2. Simulation techniques: Finite Element Method, Homogenization Method, Image-based Modeling using Microstructural images or CT images.

News [Older News]

  1. Our group is inviting applications for a five-year tenure track assistant professor position with financial support for research. The details of this post and application method are indicated to the recruiting homepage in Shizuoka University. (Deadline: 2014. 10. 31)
  2. Laboratory tour was carried out for high school students and parents participated in 2014 summer open campus in Hamamatsu (2014.8.7]
  3. T. Inayama, T. Shimizu and T. Hayashi will present our results at the 48th Symposium on X-ray Studies on Mechanical Behavior of Materials in Osaka (2014. 7. 24-25)
    T. Inayama: Relationship between the cross-sectional kernel average misorientation and residual stress distributions near carburized surface of quenched chrome-molybdenum steel
    T. Shimizu: Evaluation of X-ray elastic constant of carbon steel using cos α method
    T. Hayashi: X-ray Stress Measurement of Leveled Steel Sheet by cos α method
  4. Y. Sakaida presented orally our results at the 9th European Conference on Residual Stresses (ECRS-9), in Troyes, France [2014.7.7-10)
    Y. Sakaida, T. Inayama and S. Yashiro: Indirect Estimation of Cross-Sectional Residual Stress Distribution on Hardened Layer of Carburized Chromium-Molybdenum Steel by Electron Backscattering Diffraction Method
  5. Y.Sakaida presented our results for evaluation of elastic moduli and fracture resistance behavior of nagnesia-spinel refractory at the refractories subcommittee meeting of ISIJ (The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan) in Kimitsu, Chiba (2014.6. 12-13)
  6. Laboratory members joined with Miura-laboratory participated in an annual relay road race of Hamamatsu campus in Shizuoka university. (2014. 5. 31)
  7. April gathering for friendly laboratory discussion was held (2013. 4. 30)
  8. Annual education for radiation worker was provided by faculty of engineering (2013. 4. 19)
  9. K. Suzuki presented our results at the 2014's annual meeting of The Technical Association of Refractories, Japan in Tokyo (2014. 4. 22-23)
    K. Suzuki: Evaluation of Initial Compliance and Fracture Resistance Curve of Magnesia-Spinel Refractory
  10. New members: Determination of 2014's laboratory members (2014. 4. 10)

Renewal date: 2018-01-05